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Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, california to protest the failed shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. it was just a week thoog the teenager was shot and killed bay county sheriff who saw lopez holding a pellet gun that resembled an a.k. 47 rival. >> two sonoma county deputies saw lopez what they saw was a rifle. the officers allegely repeated asked to drop the weapon and when he turned to face the officers the deputy shot the boy seven times. the parents and the community of andy lopez are frustrated over the shooting. they say it didn't have to happen. and they brought that frustration to a rally this week where they carried sign where they said we are andy lopez. the whole damn system has to die. to talk about this i spoke with ramon gallindo. i asked him what protestors think -- excuse me -- could or should have been done to prevent this incident. >> well, this community in santa rosa in northern california is in a state of shock after the shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. the deputy thought he was in danger and the community was in danger when he saw andy lopez's toy gun. he done know it was a toy gun at th
Oct 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
-- 13-year-old boy from northern california after officer shot and killed him. police say andy lopez was carrying a pellet gun that looks like an ak-47 assault rifle and was wearing a hoodie on tuesday when he confronted them. witnesses told police they heard the deputy's order the boy to put down the gun twice. one sheriff's deputy opened fire when he thought lopez aimed the gun at him. family and friends gathered today to say goodbye to the neutral school student. more than 1000 people showed up, according to local news stations. number of his young supporters also held protests over the weekend to call the officers actions into question. the sheriff's deputy who opened fire on the boy is a 20 year veteran of the santa roa police department. police offered their condolences to his family during a press conference, but gave up physical demonstration. the gun on the left was the big one that lopez was carrying. the one on the right is a real ak-47. the two deputies have been put on administrative leave pending an official investigation. after the government shutdown furloughed 97% of nas
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2